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i shoot show, concert photography

I shoot show: concert photography...


entirely devoted to photography of music concerts and performing arts, since the time he joined the Kelby Media Group training school, the NAPP (National Association of Photoshop Professionals) and more recently with the training gained from Jared Polin, aka "The Fro" he comes specializing up in low light photography, which distinguishes him from his peers by the daring conditions in which he develops his work... there in the pit, at the mouth of the stage, where we can experience firsthand the effects of cardiac massage from the beat of the music, that is the place where we will find him, with a smile from ear to ear ... shooting the moment.

The Heart Invaders

Pedro Abrunhosa & Comité Caviar

Miguel Araújo (Azeitonas)

Ana Moura 

Meu General 

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The Gift 

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